7 Days after “the bad night” and I’m doing alright.

I have a roof over my head, the bills paid for the month, interviews lined up and work scheduled through Black Friday (the shopping day, not a racist Friday).

Is it the most awesome time ever? Probably not. Is it the worst time ever? Oh hell no.

I was scrubbing something this morning (my response to stress), and was recalling other times that were much, much worse.

This time around, I have my health (yay). I have my house (yay). I have my people (double yay).

I want to make the trek home, but the woman who gave birth to me would prefer that I not spend money on gas, so I will not fight that right now. I mean, running away does sound delicious, doesn’t it?

I’ve been erring on the quiet side for the past week (at least for me), just taking stock in life. SO many of my friends are dealing with exponentially bigger things than this. Cancer, preemies, quadruple bypass, new separations, loss, you name it. In the big scheme of life, I’m doing ok.

I guess what is a little bit weird to me, is this strange contentment that I feel about all of the things that are happening right now. Historically, I’d be pissed off and raging for the world to hear. Instead, I’m just trucking along, living my life, doing my thing.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a dear friend, and we both agreed that we are getting to the point in our lives where it’s critical to pick and choose what to get riled up about, what to say yes to, and how is easy to say “screw this shit, i’m not dealing with (insert descriptive word here.)

I realized lately I do NOT have a bad case of FOMO, or “fear of missing out.” Hell, I’ve done a lot, and if I miss something, that most likely means I’m taking a nap. I’m ok with that more and more each day.

I realize that there are consequences for actions, and I respect that belief.

I realize that I personally need to give less of a shit about things that directly don’t impact me. HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, if shit DOES impact me, I’m going to have an opinion.

What? Me have an opinion? You betcha. And it won’t be mild. No point half-assing anything these days.

So, this is my midweek check in.

Things I know to be true, Thursday Style:

1.) Cancer still sucks the largest of elephant testicles. Amy girl, I love ya.

2.) Knitting keeps my hands busy, my brain engaged and my mouth shut.

3.) You can’t fix stupid.

4.) Running away still sounds delicious.

5.) I’m going to make a big ole batch of Gumbo this weekend. RIP Paul P. You were an inspiration to many and your strides in bringing cooking to the forefront of entertainment launched the careers of many. “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”- P. Prudhomme