I’ve been having a rather restorative day, aka, I slept a lot.

I mean, a lot.

I think it’s my brains way of coping with everything that has been going on. AND, when I sleep, George sleeps, so that’s a win/win.

While working in my office today, I kept hearing what sounded like someone walking on my roof. I just assumed it was a gaggle of squirrels, and moved on with my day. I returned home earlier this evening from a meeting, and I heard it again, this time, louder and heavier. Like any fully functioning adult, I decided to go up on my roof, using my cell as a flashlight and see if there was a chupacabra up there. After determining that my ladder is MIA, I pulled out my car from the carport, climbed on top of my car (sorry Journey), and got on my roof. Walked to the far edge.. and saw nothing. Heard nothing. No limbs, no branches, no Mexican mystery animal. I finagle my way down the roof (not a pretty picture), go inside and decide I’m cracking up.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.24.19 PM


There are only two rational explanations here:

1.) I have giganto squirrels breakdancing on my roof.

2.) There is a ghost screwing with me.


An hour later, the wind is picking up, and the trees are raining acorns. My roof will surely be the death of me.

This brings me to tonights thanks.

1.) I’m thankful for my new (ish) roof. It is hardy and sound and doesn’t leak. So YAY me.

2.) I’m thankful for candid conversations with friends.

3.) I give extra thanks for the makers of drivers license decongestants. Yes, I’ve thanked this one before, but it’s really important.


Lesson(s) learned today:

  • don’t be a jackass and climb on your roof in the dark.
  • always brush your hair and put lipstick on before you leave the house
  • george (the dog) can’t be trusted for long periods of time.

that’s all for tonight.

more deep & special thoughts tonight.