Well. So much for intentional, ongoing posting.

It’s been a bit.

Last time I posted on this here blog (incredibly awful grammar intended), it was February 9, 2018.

I had hit the damn wall.

Based on the context of the last blog post, I’m assuming I had words with my mother. Or the man that I used to know. Or maybe both. I don’t know. I just know that 2/9/18, was actually an interesting day.

I had enough. I had enough of people snarking at me. I had enough of being malcontent. I grew weary of being so tired (bummed) that I could barely get out of bed. I was also coming off of almost 8 weeks of having MRSA/sinus infection, and I know I was darn tired.

I don’t remember much about that day, but I do know that it started me down a path to some changes.

#1- I stopped feeling compelled to call the woods on the regular. Phones ring both ways.

#2- I stopped trying to make something out of nothing. Once you realize that there is nothing left, it’s incredible to realize how much you can really stop worrying/caring about someone.

#3- I needed a reason to get up and out of bed.

#4- I needed to get healthier

#5- I needed to mix things up professionally. I was stagnant, and if you know me at all, that is a bigly bad thing.

So, since 2/9/18, here is the cliff notes version of my life:

  • got a new job
  • get dressed every day and go to an office
  • got George a dog-nanny and it cut my stress down daily. ok, i pay someone to come let him out every day, but i don’t worry about him eating the walls when he has to pee.
  • continued my divorce from Philip Morris
  • got into a car accident
  • ended up in the hospital with stupid high blood pressure
  • realized that i am fully middle-aged
  • oh ya, turned 41
  • realize daily that i need to do more in my personal life. there has to be more than junior league and brunches. right?
  • got a new tattoo (the last one was almost 18 years old)
  • went on a really shitty internet date where I was told that I wasn’t pretty enough to date anyone. um, whatever dude. i can give you the names of at least two people that would disagree.
  • made a few trips to Austin for the new job (that i love) to see clients (that are awesome) and it allows me to see my people (that i really truly love.)
  • trying to wear less black clothes and more color. I’m not in mourning. also trying to balance out the animal print percentage of my wardrobe (peg bundy forever.)
  • replaced two windows that my dog put his head through.
  • pretty sure i need another sewer line and have been dropping off my laundry because that’s just a hot mess at the house.
  • realized a need for a new blog design, but i’ll get to that later.
  • embraced CBD lotion for aiding in the bullshit that is RA on my hands/ankles/knees/shoulders/elbows.
  • declared Saturdays to be #caftansaturday – yes, in the spirit of fetch, i’m trying to make this a thing.
  • oh yes, had a major financial crisis and that threw a wrench in the #makekatedebtfree plan, but whatever. one of my amazing people provided a bailout and i’m thankful.
  • didn’t plant a vegetable garden, nor did i plant a single plant on my patio, and i’m more or less ok with it.
  • went to a bachelorette weekend, threw a bridal shower and was a bridesmaid
  • saw a ballet
  • changed dynamics of some friendships. more or less ok with the changes. life goes on.
  • Weezie turned 9 this month.
  • George went to work and became an intern
  • i forgot birthdays, anniversaries and holidays (excuse=middle aged)
  • oh and there is an egg-shaped mass on my right boob that is (and I quote) “most likely benign, and probably not cancer.”  Not shockingly, that half-ass answer does keep me up at night.

There is more, but a lot has happened since the last time I’ve blogged.

Every time I come back from a hiatus, I declare “I will never let it go that long again.” Ya, I’m not going to promise that. But what I will work on is trying to find a balance, fun things to do and saying no to more.

Yes, I made “Saying no to more” a thing. I’m really tired of doing stuff I really don’t want to do and then resenting it. Life is too short for resentment and regret. I’m trying to live with a little more intention. I want to be more intentional in the way I spend my hours. Speaking of hours, it’s 6:30 am and I’ve been up for two hours already. Today should be interesting.

My new schtick? Say yes. Do the thing. Let other people deal with their own crap. I’m not responsible for other peoples stuff. I’m not going to overschedule myself to be the busiest girl in Texas. Instead? I’m just going to take each day as they come and figure out how to be a little better with each sunrise.

And now, I must get Georgie boy off the dining room table. Happy Thursday everyone. Happy Thursday.


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