two bloggity blogs.

Seriously. February 20th? Sigh. I wish I could say that I’ve been jetting across the globe being incredibly awesome, but in reality, I’m just a big dork who has over-scheduled myself to the point of pain lately.

Let’s see, whats new?

I celebrated Holi instead of Easter yesterday. Yep, I went to the Hindu Temple in Irving and ate amazing foods, played with colors and made a total mess out of myself. It was a lovely lovely change of pace and I had a blast.

I reaffirm my hatred for shopping and stupid errands. On Saturday, I ran over a dozen stupid errands and I’m still somewhat persnickety about the whole lost day. The dry cleaner ruined a dress and tried to convince me that I brought it in that way. I’m sorry- but who brings in a dress that is shredded? NOT ME. I’m too lazy to make a trip for something that isn’t going to turn out well.

Last week, I found out I had a gas leak in my house. Correction, 4 gas leaks. YAY money. YAY.

Two weeks prior to that, I found out I need to have the sewer line from the house to the street replaced. YAY money.

Basically, I’ve been hemorrhaging out cash at a violent rate since the last time I blogged. I cracked the screen on my Mac, and had to have that repaired. Oh, yea, my AC is broken in my car. I wish there was such things as “Imodium” for wallets. Stop the diarrhea of cash so to speak.

Life has been good despite the money suck.

I turned 39 since we last talked. 39 is special. I wake up in the mornings and have to run my hands under hot water to get them to fully function. My left hand is really interesting- when I wake up in the morning, it’s almost formed a claw. I googled “what is arthritis”, but felt too old, so I just take some Ibuprofen and get along with my day.

I’m trying to shrink the ass- that’s an ongoing fun project, right? I had a banana and a English muffin this morning. More of less healthy? I don’t know. I did low carb for about a month, lost 19 lbs and then my stomach decided that it didn’t appreciate the new way of eating. So, now, i’m trying this 1:1:1 ratio thing with one carb, one protein, one fat… although, i’m not sure if i quite hit it with breakfast. My big goal is to get through the day without eating vast amounts of chocolate.

I’m 1/4 of the way through a furniture refinishing project. I mean, i’ve sanded down both curios, but I need help with the next phase and then I should be on my way.

George is still a little black domestic terrorist. As I type this, I hear him “doing things”. Loosely translated “doing things” means that is he eating, chewing, stealing, torturing something that does not belong to him.

Spring is finally here in the Great State of Texas. I’ve been digging the dirt for days and it’s glorious.

Ok, I’ve procrastinated work long enough. I must get onto the first day of the last week of the month, the last week of the quarter. The week that my sanity gets challenged.

I’m off to make tea, turn up the music and just make today happen.


Be awesome why don’t you?