In typical Kate fashion, I woke up starving this morning. Pretty sure it’s all in my head, but there is nothing I can do about the hunger in my belly. I’m on a clear liquids diet today in preparation for some tests tomorrow. Of course, I’m hungry. That’s what I do. I want the things I can’t have. Typical me.

Truthfully, I rarely eat breakfast, so I’m chuckling at myself this morning. My brain knows I can’t have breakfast so therefore it’s telling me “dude, you really want breakfast.” Yes, my brain refers to me as “dude.” Doesn’t yours?

I’m going to keep pretty busy today to avoid the desire to binge/graze/eat all of the foods. I actually am excited about a 36 hour fast (says no one ever.)

I’m excited to get to the roots of my GI issues and maybe figure out why I can’t really drink wine anymore without burning firelike feels in my esophagus.

It makes for a great date- “darling, hand me a bottle of tums please.”

(Imagine me rolling my eyes.)

Speaking of dates, I’ve not been on a good one in a while. I had signed up for Bumble a month ago, and I am blown away by how many men are out there that really like taking photos of themselves in bathrooms. I’ll take a car selfie (yes, me, the Queen of Car Selfies), before I see one more toilet in the back of a selfie. Nothing says “ladies, I’m single and ready to mingle” than seeing a messy sink and toilet in the back of a photo.

Truthfully, I was asked out on a date last week. I was asked out on a date by a guy that was actually married, but he liked to go to dinner with ladies and go home to his wife.

Wait, what?

I can’t.

Not even for a free dinner.

Crap, now I’m thinking about food again.

Happy Wednesday.

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