I sit here in bed, at 9:28pm CDT in the great state of Texas, on a Friday evening. I’ve removed the makeup (that i only put on a few hours ago), I slid into some extra spectacular flannel pjs that just scream “come & get me boys” and I’m multitasking. Task 1: catching up with a friend via FB messenger. Task 2: reading random articles that have nothing to do with the digital advertising world, philanthropy, and/or dog training. Translation, in my little world, tonight is glorious.

Sure, I could be out doing something cool. You know, like going outside of my self-imposed block of 20/30/360/820.

Or not going to bed before 10pm.

But really, I’m tired.

My head is tired from working.

My body is tired from chasing George, digging in the dirt (me, not George) and remembering that it’s rather important to get off my ass and exercise.

So… I cozy into the bed and give you a few links to peruse. Maybe you will enjoy them, maybe not. Either way, I’m going to bed. Because, I’m cool like that.

Beverly Clearly Turns 100

Who Knew Agatha Christie Took A Runner?

I might make this for dinner

Or Maybe This

I really want a baby elephant please

This will be taken into consideration tomorrow…


So yes, food, princesses, Ramona and Beezus and well… you have seen what is going on inside this head.

Be awesome tomorrow. Just try