It is Monday morning and I’m sitting on my back patio hammering away at all of the things I need to do today/tomorrow & this week.

I’ve been up for hours trying to wrap my head/arms around all of the CRAP that I need to get done in the next 11 days. I’ve got my planner filled out, my Google calendar synchronized with the Lily P paper planner. I have the Any.Do app filled with the tasks that I need to get done RIGHT AWAY. I have a legal notebook next to me with other thoughts scribbled down (water plants, pay credit card, pick up drycleaning.)

I have honestly overwhelmed my calendar with a life that I chose. I spent the majority of my weekend trying to catch my breath and figure out how the hell do I get it all done. I peppered in the weekend with a tiny bit of socialization. I saw a friend yesterday that I literally hadn’t seen in months. She lives 2 miles away. Dear Lord, that is silly.

I’ve course corrected, emailed clients, put together a revenue report, and tried to catch my breath. It’s NOT EVEN 8:30.

How the living hell do people maintain a schedule like this all of the time? Better yet, WHY DO THEY WANT TO? Why do people want to be everywhere all the time? Am I that much of a bitch that I require some down time? Do successful people not need down time? I’m screwed if that’s the case.

Work comes first. I have a full time gig running the ops side of a start up. My day involves testing, optimizing, working with investors and keeping my boss happy. I have consulting clients that need to be respected, work completed and communicated. These things need to happen to pay the  bills and to keep a roof over my head.

Then comes friends and family. Sigh. Because of the work, I’ve seen my people less and less over the past year. I am going on a road trip with my best friend in 10 days. We live less than 20 minutes from each other and we rarely get to see each other. Luckily, we are going to make up for this next weekend when we pile into the Kate Mobile and head north. I have friends that literally live four blocks away that I’ve not seen in weeks. Why? Because at the end of the day, I’m whipped and just want to lay on my couch and stare at the ceiling. Talking is hard by the end of the day.

Finally all of the other stuff. Lately, I’ve been not so awesome at making sure that the other stuff comes after friends/family/work.

I see other people, seemingly more busy than I getting so much more done. Is there a secret? Is there a pill that I could take that would allow me to be everything to everyone?

Is there a magical skill set that allows me to be awesome at work, spend time with ALL of my people and be a volunteering goddess?

Is there a secret that will let me spend time training my crazy black lab and assign out all of the tasks that need to happen?

Is there a way that I can be on conference calls with our EU contacts at 6am and still get to the gym?

Seriously, let me know, because right now, I’m sitting here and thinking “how in the hell do I get everything done well?”

Onwards to the day. Need to be at three places at once between 11a-1p and still manage to not sweat off my makeup.

These days, I’m less like Wonder Woman, and more like a bad Chris Farley sketch.