This is the mostly true account of the story that is my life.


I’m in my 40’s now. I’ve been writing a blog off and on for almost 20 years.

I want to write a book. Seriously. I’d like to write a book. Adventures of Me. Or something like that. (Putting this out in the universe to hold myself accountable.)

I’d like to find a partner. Not a business partner, a romantic partner. Or something like that. I hate the word boyfriend, because, well, I’m not in high school anymore (not like I ever had one then anyway.) I digress. I’d like to spend some time with someone who does not suck. Who doesn’t drink to excess? Who has the ability to open mail and pay bills (because that is hard.)

I’d like to find the balance between work and not work.

So, I blog. Or I try to blog.