The good news is that i’m clearly not going to die. Well, i mean, I’m probably going to die at some point, but not this week.

The bad news is yesterday,  after 4 glorious vertigo free hours, I decided to do something crazy, like knit and sent myself back into a horrible, wobbly place of spins and moving floors.

Lucky for me, I had a few friends over, and they got really bossy with me. Have you ever had a 5 foot tall pregnant woman boss you around? You don’t mess with that. An almost 6 ft red head tell you to SIT down? Who is going to argue with that? I didn’t. I plunked down on the couch and let Kelly and Emily do their thing. Which, included, cleaning up my kitchen, yelling at me to sit down and staring at me until I went to bed. I love them. Also, included into todays love fest is Kristen, who brought Chik-fil-A and that was perfect.

I got into bed and thankfully, I was able to find center within an hour and happily fell asleep. Got about 6 hours last night and feel mostly normal this morning. Going to try something crazy called showering and doing my hair, just to rediscover the routine.

Other things of note:

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. That knowledge alone makes everything better.

I have so much work to do today, that I’m weeping on the inside. Ok, and bitch/blogging on the outside. I need a vertigo/nap free day today.

I need apple cider from a real cider mill. Can someone make that happen? Aka, can a Michigan person, go to the mill, buy me a jug of cider, and while your at it, a box of donuts and bring them to me? I mean, why not die of carb overdose for the sake of supporting a Michigan business. Right?

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I really want to work out. Dear Baby Nordstrom, maybe I am dying.

Finally, I fired and joined eHarmony in a pain med induced state last week. It’s been intriguing so far. Or it could be the vertigo clouding my judgement. Who knows. At least I’ve not had any truckers with lactation fetishes contact me yet.

And on that note, I say have a great freaking Tuesday. I’m going to go brush my hair and put on a dress. Why? Because I want to.