#1. I love the Detroit Lions

#2. I love Fox Football Sunday

#3. Terry Bradshaw Makes Me Happy.


The Detroit Lions are #1 in their Division. SUCK IT PACK. Da Bears? We got you. Twice. Do the Da Bears Dance Now… Even Swersky can’t spin this one.

We are ten days away from the day that typically the Lions ruin for me. Thanksgiving. Every year, I cry a little bit with the loss.

There is hope.

Lotsa hope.


Football makes me happy for more than 17 weeks.

It gives me something to focus on, talk about and enjoy.

That being said, I’m pouting right now, with the shitty Redskins and craptastical Eagles playing on my Fox local station. Side note, I really don’t think craptastical is a word to describe the Eagles, but I like to bait my friend David. He is an Eagle fan. Bless his heart.

At this very moment, we are about to play Rapelesburger and the Steelers. Theoretically we are playing, although I don’t get that game. Perhaps my bad juju of watching losing games will help us here. Maybe my lack of watching will cause a win.


I’m sucking it pretty hard this year in Fantasy Football. I assumed ownership of a cursed team. Seriously cursed. The last two people who have owned this team have either a.) landed in jail or b.) gone bat crap crazy. It wasn’t shocking that within 2 weeks of me taking over this team, I lost my job. Seriously. I blame it all on that team.


I still can’t believe the Lions are doing so well. It warms the cockles of my semi-bitter heart.

I can’t hold my breath that the playoffs are a possiblity, but if they do- I’m hosting a party at my house. Chili, Beer, Fresh Homemade Pretzels.


So there you go.