What I should be doing right now:



Instead, what I look like this morning:



I ABSOLUTELY caught up on sleep yesterday. No, I got an over abundance of sleep yesterday. It was AMAZING. All caps worthy. However, after taking a two hour nap n the middle of the day, and locked down for sleep before 10, I find that I’m pretty close to being up before the Farmers are up this morning. My goal was the gym and/or yoga class. The reality is that I might do about 10 poses, and then I will be on my way for the day.

It’s not  my fault  that my butt isn’t at the gym. I woke up this morning humming “All I Need” by Jack Wagner. Yes, you remember that song. Don’t pretend that you don’t. On a most excellent mini road trip last week, my friend Caren made a most epic play list including over 1000 of our favorite songs. Good thing that we were on the road for a big ole 3.5 hours total  ANYWAYS….. My point is, this song came on, and it’s been stuck in my head since Friday morning. I wish you could see the dance that I choreographed for this music. My 2rd grade choreography skills were especially awesome.



Yep. 1984. Magical.  Soak it in. Are you good? Let’s get back to this entry shall we?

Seriously though, I can’t stop watching this damn video. His hair. His clothes. SO FREAKING RIDIC.


Back to the point of this post- I have a busy today today. I have what is cooking up to be a good busy week. My Tigers are in town, I have work this week. As God is my witness I will actually GO TO YOGA this week. I will find a balance of wine and water. Or margarita versus water.

I will be sweet.

I will be less snarky.

I will battle the mosquitos.

I will be Mary Kathryn Gallagher awesome.

So, make this Monday brilliant why don’t you?

Tomorrows post? Why I blame my dad for my big boobs.