As I sit here in the den, surveying my modest kingdom, I am filled with a bit of pride. 

Bigly news over here- I finished every single bit of laundry in my house. Yes, I have overly great pride in the fact that I finished that very normal task, that for some reason seems to be beyond my daily skillset.

I wallowed in domestic drudgery this weekend. Went to the butcher, the baker, the candlestick… oh shit, that’s not right. I went grocery shopping, banking, and a slew of other errands that I’ve been putting off for way too long.

I did manage to slide on through to the drive-up daiquiri place on Saturday. Probably put me into full on diabetes, but it was worth it.  Sat on the patio last night, drinking something that was not made in nature, just reflecting on the week.

This week has been a week. Started off the week getting a pretty awesome award on Monday night at the May Junior League Meeting, broke all of the rules and got into a political tussle on Wednesday, lost my proverbial shit on Facebook (at, not on) due to the fact that they suck as an ad platform. Almost killed myself putting together a new bed. I mean, the week was just a whole bunch of life.  And it’s Mothers Day. Oh the joy and rapture that comes to me on this day. (BIGGEST EYEROLL EVER.)

But I got my damn laundry done.

I swear to the baby Nordstrom, I’m going to hold onto that little fact and run with it. Not only is everything washed and dried, but it’s also put away. All 1755 sq feet of this mid-century house could almost be considered under control. I have food for the week. I have an updated planner. Yes, planner. I’m cool and old-school.

I’ve got my last council meeting this week.

I think we are launching a new client.

I’ve got at least one, if not two opportunities for drinking.

I might have to wrangle myself into a strapless bra. To read more about my opinion on that device, please read here and here. Yes, there will be bitching if that happens.

Today, my first flight after 30 months grounded has been booked. I’ll admit, I’m a little scared about the possibility of a rupture, but I don’t care anymore. I can’t stay locked here in the state of Texas one more minute. I can’t drive to all of the places that I want to go. I can’t see all of the people that I want to see. There is wine to drink. Bubbles to buy. Babies to hug. I need to get in the air and but fast. If all goes to plan, I’ll be flying quite a bit this summer and I’m thrilled. I’m going to sit on a porch. I’m going to a place that does wine. I’m going to go to the mile-high city. I’m cutting the cord and getting the heck out of town.

Either way you look at it, last week was a week. It was mostly good, with a little snark thrown in for fun. This upcoming week will be better. I have a plan. Surely nothing will happen, right?

(Yes, I know I just screwed myself over by making a plan. Laugh at me later.)

Oh ya, here is a random song I’ve had on repeat this weekend. No deep meaning other than I am digging it.


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