We are gathered together… wait, no, that’s not right.

We are not gathering together.

Hear me out, friends. This thing is not going anyway, and it’s just going to keep on going until we as a collective figure out how to slow it down. Actually, there isn’t much to figure out. We need to limit our exposure and our activities. Period.

Does it suck? SO MUCH.

Is it hard to be stuck in our houses? Probably. It’s a cost I’m willing to pay.

Speaking of costs, there are high costs to this- to our collective psyche, to our health, to our welfare, to our economy. This is true.

And no, I’m not overreacting. I’ve been cautious for both myself and the many for a while now. I’m so frigging sick of hearing “oh Kate, she is overreacting.” “Kates nervous for no reason,” or “Kate is just being a liberal.”

Come the actual EFF on.

The numbers? They are growing exponentially each day.

This isn’t a hoax.

It’s not going away.

And it’s not going to go away the more we continue to ignore best practices and recommendations. I’m not a doctor. Hell, I failed organic chemistry my freshman year of college which pretty much eradicated my chances of going into a clinical field. Why is it so hard to just try to make it safer for the greater collective?

I’m trying to find the right words but I keep failing. These are not politically correct words. These are not particularly inspiring. I’ll be honest, I’m feeling pretty helpless.

When I feel helpless, here is what I do:

  • I work
  • I cook
  • I clean, poorly, but I try.
  • I wash laundry again and again
  • I read- so many books, magazines, newspapers
  • I scroll the socials
  • I talk to people- facetime, skype, phone, text, social messages, you name it.
  • I go for walks. Long walks. Short walks. Walks around my house, my yard, my street… just keep walking.

March was a long month. I felt like shit for the majority of the month- fighting the bronchial disaster that was my lungs, a sinus infection and a never-ending ear infection. Side note- that is still a thing and today I got some pretty nasty vertigo for a few hours. So yes, March is my own personal groundhog day of being locked in my house with an ear infection.

If you’ve made it this far, I really think you deserve this video. If nothing else, turn it up really loud, dance for a few and know that I would hug you if it was acceptable to do so.

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