i lost my mind this weekend. I went to the State Fair with the intention of getting a corn dog and some how, I am now sharing my house with Weeze and a new boy named George. Yes, I finally got my Jeffersons.

See, you were named George for about 2.5 seconds, but someone (who shall remain nameless, aka, woman who gave birth to me) thought that I was naming my dog after the President W, not just a good ole fashioned George. Truthfully, you were a much better Gus-Gus than you would have ever been a George.

The impulse acquisition of this pup is rather similar to that of your back story. Whereas, I was heading to buy furniture and ended up with you, this time around I wanted to eat fried carnie food. Que sera, sera.

Your buddy Weezie Girl is managing herself with as much grace as she can muster. She got spoiled with you- you didn’t require much, nor did you bark a lot. MAN, this boy is part Basset, part labradorian. I’d like to call him a Bassador. Or maniac.

Like you, he hates the crate. I mean, HATES it. Much like I did when I got you, I consulted Cousin Dog Trainer Trish for some late night coaching and calming. Well, last night was bad. He was so pissed off that the neighbor complained. Sigh.

Like you, he just likes to be close.

He likes the stuffed toys, he seems to be in love with about 14 shin bones and most like you is obsessed with his ever shrinking area in which his balls once lived.

Despite the similarities, he isn’t you, nor do I expect him to be. You were special. You were my own shedding pain in the ass that could NEVER be replaced. Last night, after the second hour of howling hysteria, I walked over to the place where your collar & duck hang out and said “Really dude? Really? You couldn’t hang in there one more year?”

I know, that’s shitty.

But still, we miss you. Weezie misses you. I miss you. Hell, random people I barely know miss you.

Now we have something in this house that is going to keep us on our toes. For example, did you know that a short, i mean, really short, dog could counter surf into the sink, get a wooden spoon out and eat it it in less time that it took for me to use the bathroom? Yep. Did you know that a hyper pup can literally bounce off the walls and keep running? Yep. Did you know that Penelope Anne Weeziepants used one of YOUR moves yesterday and fake chased the pup?

So, Gus-Gus, I’d like to introduce you to George. He is part maniac, part narcoleptic fool. We think we like him.