Friends, family and pharmaceuticals.

That’s what I am thankful for on this, the 4th day of November.


Friends make you grilled cheese sammichs. Friends send you HILARIOUS text messages and send you memories of home. Friends take you for massages, because, well, you are a hot mess of stress, anxiety and overall bitchery and you need a break. Friends check in, make sure you haven’t totally dropped your basket and bring you baby gates, kleenex and diet coke. Friends don’t need to hear from you every day, but know that you can have a powerful conversation at the drop of a hat.


Friends swing by on Halloween and knock on your door because they know it will most likely piss you off. Friends bring your pups treats and other friends bring you something we in the hood call “nannys.”

Friends tolerate, lift, forgive and forget. Friends have the ability to be there, take a step back when you need it and most importantly, walk with you when shit gets real.

Now, moving on to family.


Family, is just important. Period, end of story. I’m thankful for my weird little family.



I am thankful for the fine folks that have created the following helpers:

1.) Decongestants & Allergy meds. Without you I would be a walking pile of congested bitchery.


2.) Muscle relaxers. When you do something stupid like bend over to tie your shoe and your back gets pulled in a weird way, muscle relaxers help. When you go to shave your legs two days after you tie your shoe and you do something NEW to your back, you pair a muscle relaxer with a mild pain pill of the special variety and you say “night night.”

3.) Dog tranquilizers. I am thankful for the drugs that let my poor Weezie girl tolerate storms. BTW, how on earth are we having more storms in November? I mean, what next, freezing rain & snow?

I know, I know, this is a study in why I am a hot mess. I only share because I care.

Tonight I am thankful for so many things- my people, my pups, my house with a solid roof, and the unknown. I can choose to look behind me and bemoan the failings off the past, or I can look to the future and decide to be awesome.

I think we know which way this is going to go, now don’t we?


PS… forgive the impossible typos and weird formatting. I’m using my PC tonight, and am strangely having a hard time adapting to the keyboard AND the “A” and “D” keys are acting like fools. Maybe they need a muscle relaxer and a nanny and call it  day?


PSS… grudges are stupid. life is too impossibly short to waste precious moments holding grudges.

PSSS… cancer still sucks. this time it sucks a bucket of lemons soaked in brine. ya. wrap your head around that one. Amy, i love you my friend. Stay strong!