Picture it…

Lavender Lane. This morning.  Big things are happening.



Not at all.

I’m on the couch this morning, listening to the Ray Lamontagne channel on Pandora, pondering getting up to go get four Ibuprofen and wondering why on earth I woke up at 2,3,4, and 5.  The dogs are passed out cold (shocking) and I’m without food in this house. Good times, Good times.


I have many more beverages than I do solid foods in this house.

I really, really love my hot pink workout shorts I bought at Academy. I’m sure I look like a pink nightmare in them, but I do love them so.

Cheesecake. I want some. I might be making some today. (Inspired by Sophia)


So, really there is a point to this blog, but it has nothing to do with Sophia Petrillo. Yesterday, as I was hauling ass all over the metroplex, I had some serious thinking time in between meetings. Good thinking time. Stuck in traffic thinking time. I came to realize this, and it’s probably something everyone else knows, but I had a semi AH HA moment yesterday…. Distance gives you perspective, and perspective gives you the ability to really take a step back even farther.

Ambiguous yes, but necessary. Think about it- if something is complex, perplexing and/or confusing, take a step back. Get some space. If things are still murky- take a step back even further. Clarity will come. And, by the time you have figured it out, you have stepped back far enough that walking away is much easier.

Pretty deep thought for someone who is operating on little sleep this morning huh?



So there you have it, my thoughts for the morning. I’m determined to have a delicious day. I will  working, possibly  squeezing in a nap, and making dinner tonight. Anything else that happens today will be icing on the cake. Ohhh…cake, maybe I’ll make a cake instead of cheesecake. But wait, cheese has cake.

I need more caffeine. Be sweet today why don’t you?