If you can’t laugh, what can you do?

I’m sitting in bed right now, just shaking my head. Buckets are down. My roof that the insurance company (Farmers Insurance) claims is perfectly fine, is leaking water in two rooms after a crazy, fast storm. I have holes in two ceilings. I have damage on my 60 year old wood floors in my office.

It gets better.

I went over to a friends house tonight to carve pumpkins with her four year old daughter. The storm came in and I headed home after it had eased up a bit.

I walk into my bedroom noticing an odd smell. I went to turn the tv on, and nothing happened. I got up, tried turning it on manually, and nothing. I grabbed both remotes, and realized that neither Blu Ray player or TV would power on. I flipped the surge protector, and half of the stuff turned on, the tv and player did not.

Ok, so at this point, the water started dripping onto my bed. Move the bed, put down the bucket, and decided to check in my home office.

Crap- water coming in there. Need to put down the bucket and unplug everything. Notice that the desktop PC is off. Tried turning it on, no avail. This too is fried. The printer, on the same surge protector works. Awesome.

Head to the bathroom in the front bedroom- light burned out. Everything else fine.

Main bathroom fine.


Oh, my hell, my kitchen.

My microwave appears to be fried.

My GFI won’t reset. Fridge isnt working.

Reset all breakers.

Still no fridge or toaster oven, but everything else in kitchen is working.

Go back to the first breaker panel and reset everything.

No Fridge or Dishwasher. Range and Convection Oven working.

Go to second breaker panel- reset everything.

Still no kitchen stuff.

Check the GFI in the final bathroom- reset no problem.

Check the laundry appliances. No problem.

7 lightbulbs burned out.

Move everything into garage fridge. (Smaller, but got everything of value in there)

Moved my freezer stuff into the other freezer. Tough fit, as I’ve been hoarding because of employment situation.

Give up for the night.

Here’s the thing. I still have a roof over my head (mostly)

TV’s can be replaced eventually.

DVD players can be as well.

There isn’t a lot of extra fundage right now to undertake an electrical project.

There is no money right now to rip off the bullshit roof and replace the ceilings (which probably are coated in mold.)

I’m trying. I really, truly am trying. I’m trying to keep plugging away at my contract work. I’m trying to find new work. I’m trying to find a job. ¬†There comes a point however, where you have to say “how much more can happen?”

I’m trying to be a decent friend right now when all I would prefer to do is nap until things change.

I’m trying to be a decent volunteer right now.

I’m trying to be a decent human.

It’s not easy to be suzy effing sunshine and spin things into a positive direction. It’s not easy to get up and do the same things every day. It’s debasing to be offered an internship when you have 10 more years experience than the hiring manager. I do these things because I have to. My kitchen is my happy. It’s the little safe haven I have when all of this shit around me starts swirling. My tv in my bedroom is my comfort zone when the day just gets to be too much. These are all just things. Stupid, silly things. But they were my things, and I don’t have a lot right now.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m not having a good day today. I just want one calm week. One week where something doesn’t break, blow up or power surge. I want some work to come in. I want people not to be assholes to each other. I would like people to be a little kinder.

I would like for a storm not to surge the hell out of my house. I just can’t afford it- financially, mentally, or emotionally. At this point, I really just want to pack up my dogs, some of my stuff and go live down in my trailblazer down by the river.