i will answer.

if you fall, i’ll pick you up.

Oh yes, my favorite lyrics from the boys from Canada, Barenaked Ladies- “Call & Answer.” I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before, but it’s my favorite BNL song, so there you go.

I’m laying here in bed, waiting for pain meds to kick in. I’m 99.95% sure that as a result of my “chronic middle ear infection”, my eardrum just ruptured about 20 minutes ago. It’s happened before, it sucked, and the pain was the same. So was the blood. So, ya. Super awesome fun times up in here.

I’ve not been in a very verbose mood lately. Correction, I’ve not felt like blogging. I think to myself “oh, I should blog”, but really, my life isn’t very interesting right now. I’m doing my annual football maniacal dance, I’m knee deep in a work project that is aging me daily. I have been on antibiotics a lot. I try to coordinate calendars with people to have wine. What an absolute douche bag thing to say “i coordinate calendars.”  I work, I sleep, I run away from all things technology as often as I can. I try to sneak moments of happy in an otherwise boring existence. I have a serious jones to go fly somewhere north and breathe in some fall air.

Randomly, I found this song tonight- pretty sure I’ve never heard it before, and since it has my name.. I love it. (And they talk about the fact that Katie is waiting.. just because her youth is fading…)

Back to my ramblings…

I’ve been pretty focused on work, my big yellow dog, and well, my need to move more. I’m excited about the weather changes- i feel the need to get my hands dirty and do things in my flower beds. I feel the need to cook, to organize, to nest a bit.

BTW- it’s hard to write a blog post when you’ve taken a fair amount of pain medication, and you find yourself sailing down memory lane listening to music.

Upside? Ear hurts a little less.

Downside? I probably won’t post this.

Goal next week: Make time to post twice. That shouldn’t be hard, right?



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