Earlier this week, I posted my Summer Bucket List on Facebook, and I decided to properly post it up here so I can actually document the completion of doing these items. And of course, I’ve added a few more:

Summer Bucket List (in no particular order)

1.) Go fishing on the coast
2.) Road trip to the north
3.) Go fly fishing while on said trip up north.
4.) Get poolside cabana service for a weekend somewhere.
5.) Finish my outside patio
6.) Make something crafty.
7.) Finish my damn den.
8.) Drink copious amounts of champagne with friends.
9.) Blog at least twice (Technically, this counts as ONE). BOOYA
10.) Go dancing
11.) Ride my bike
12.) Take a multi-day Facebook hiatus.
13. ) Go see a drive-in movie
14.) Other adventures as needed.


NEW to list


15.) Drink on the Patio of Joe T’s. Never Have I Ever. I, know, I know. WHAT?

16.) Go to a drive-in movie

17.) Cook a feast for friends. I’ve not cooked in what feels like forever, so maybe this will get me off my ass and create. This human needs to be barefoot in the kitchen with some music playing and chopping/cooking/whatever…