in less than 13 days i’m going to be saying goodbye to an old friend.

a habit.

a foible.

a crutch.

when i realize that the fat kid is doing the dance on my chest again, i’ve decided to ease off.

to make my life a little simpler.

when i start googling heart attack symptoms because of back/chest pain from coughing too much, it’s time to say adios.

it’s going to be a bitch.

i might be a bitch, but it’s time.

well past time.

i realized it was time when i was in vegas, and i wanted to die because i smoked so much with an old friend. we drank, we smoked, we talked the night away. i woke up the next morning and felt like i had swallowed an ashtray. On our way to the airport, he lit up and I wanted to drink a bottle of Scope.
Times, they were/are a changing.

My allergies have been miserable lately. Terrible, no good, bad. I realize I’m inflaming them by partaking.

Jesus Mary and Joseph, this is going to be a change.