I find it interesting that today, March 1st, is not only the first day of Lent but it is also the beginning of my birthday month.

I know the two things are wildly unrelated and both happen each year, but today made me chuckle.

Instead of doing the wildly dramatic “oh, I’m going to give up most food and swearing and tv, and social media,” I’m going to work on being more AWESOME for the next 40 days.

  1. extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
    “the awesome power of the atomic bomb”
    • informal
      extremely good; excellent.
      “the band is truly awesome!”

Yes, you heard me right, for the next 40 days of theoretical “reflection” will be less introspection and more EXPRESSION!

Day 1/40 of Being Awesome:

Listen to music with abandon. This one is particularly perfect for this day is also my super amazingly talented friend Lindsey’s birthday. She breathes music like most breathe air. Music is life for her and I couldn’t agree more.

So today I challenge you to find some music you love, turn it up and just enjoy the moment.

If you need a little inspiration, might I suggest:

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