As I lay so ever delicately in bed, coughing up a lung, I am using my imagination to figure out the places I want to go check out in 2017. I present to you, with little ado, my “2017 Travel Bucket List.” Seeing as how my ears still suck, I need to make sure I can drive to all of these places.

2017 travel bucket list


  1. Marfa/Big Bend (West Texas)
  2. Port Aransas (South East Texas)
  3. Durango (Colorado)
  4. Dallas Zoo (ok, this isn’t really a travel-t0, but I do want to go.)
  5. Mackinac Island (I heard it’s pretty cool up there)
  6. Broken Bow (OK)
  7. New Orleans (duh)
  8. Mineola, TX
  9. Taos NM.


Now, I don’t know if I can realistically hit ALL of these places (or afford the dog care while I zip off to said places), but it’s good to have a goal right?

What’s on your travel bucket list for this year?


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