Greetings from the bedroom on Lavender Lane on this fine first day of 2017.

I can say with almost complete certainty that 2016 was an absolute #shitshow. Yes, I hashtagged it because it was SO STUPID.

A quick year in review:

  1. The shitter literally broke. Had to get a new sewer line.
  2. Gas leak in the house required an installation of all new gas pipes.
  3. Sinus Surgery/Septoplasty in May. Took waaaaaaaay longer to recover than expected.
  4. Found out I was literally allergic to 99% of Texas.
  5. The meltdown of epic proportions on the trip home to Michigan. Maybe, after a few years of therapy, I will be able to discuss that trip.
  6. Ankle reconstruction surgery- still recovering and it’s going SLOW SLOW SLOW.
  7. Witnessed one of the grossest Presidental elections I most likely will ever see in my lifetime.
  8. Made a string of exceptionally unwise life choices between January and yesterday, but luckily none of them fatal 🙂
  9. Broke up a shitty dog fight between my old girl and one of my best friends pups yesterday. THAT shat all over my weekend away (hence coming home two days early)
  10. Watched many people fight cancer in a way that is both awe-inspiring and heartbreaking.

I mean, there is probably more but for the sake of this post, I think we can all agree that it is enough.

So, I sit here in yoga pants and a sweatshirt pondering the last 365 days. I started laughing because I just spilled bleach all over my favorite pants, but then I realized, my boot had already jacked them up. So, really, no big loss.

Upon this realization, I decided that I’m just going to Pollyanna the living SHIT out of this year. When something bad happens, I’m forcing myself find something to be glad about.

Example: Despite the antics of yesterday, I’m glad that my Weezie girl didn’t go full on crazy and instead kept her cool as much as she could. The fight could have been so much worse. I’m glad that we ended up coming home because the stairs were literally wrecking my ankle. See, Pollyanna-ed the heck out of that.

I’m turning 40 this year. That is just flat out weird. I don’t know how I really feel about this change in decades. I mean, it’s literally just a number on a driver’s license, but it still feels odd. I’m working through some thoughts about the past 40 and what I plan on doing with the next 40.

I’m in a job I truly enjoy and get to be myself on a daily basis. Heck, I GOT CHAMPAGNE for my one year anniversary. That is just incredible.

I need to work on what goes in my mouth. As I am still not quite up to fighting form cardio wise, I can control what goes into the food hole. Blah blah. Everyone says that.

I need to work on doing more. Just in general. Explore more. Get away more. Board my pups more and get the hell out of town more. I make enough money, I should be doing life more.

I want to travel a bit more.

I want to read more.

I want to cook more meals for people. I find joy in feeding the masses, I have a cute house, therefore, I need to entertain more often. This also will justify the purchasing of a few bits of cookware I have my eyes on.

I will continue to consume the bubbles on a regular basis. I’m going to try to do a better job documenting what I drink and restart my quest to #100bottlesofbubbles by the end of the year. With friends, this should be an easy undertaking.

I need to spend less time looking behind my shoulders and more time focused on what’s next.

So, this completes the first entry of 2017. The year of Pollyanna’ing the hell out of life. The year of existing on this earth for 14600 days.

So, instead of dwelling on #2016shitshow, I am trying to wipe the snark out of my eyes and look towards the next upcoming year. Surely something amazing will happen, right?


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