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random me November 3, 2014

As I mentioned in yesterdays less than prolific blog post, I’m going to be attempting to do the November “thanks” deal through my way. Mindful mentioning of something I am thankful for. Quick thoughts, shared through the blog format.

Let us for a second ignore the fact that I woke up incredibly irritated about something that I couldn’t, nor shouldn’t control, but instead focus on the fact that I hit “play” on Pandora and heard the delightful sounds of this guy…



Yeah, today, the 3rd of November, I’m thankful for Lionel Richie. What, you were expecting something poetic like me being thankful for my heath, or dogs? Nah. Maybe later when I run out of things to talk about. Right now, I’m focused on finding the good, and my good is this man, sometimes with the Commodores, sometimes not. Sometimes he dances on the ceiling and sometimes he uses a language that I’m 99% sure is made up.

I heard him this morning and smiled. Seriously, smiled, and got started on my day. I stopped thinking about budgetary issues, marketing mishaps and incredibly devious human beings with a political strategy that knows no bounds. Instead, I focused on the simple lyrics, and got started with my day.

Other things I’m thankful for today:

1.) Delete button on my laptop

2.) Post It’s

3.) The knowledge that at 6:15am, that I only have 14 more work hours to go until I’m going to sit down with a glass of Pinot Noir and relax.




random me November 2, 2014

I swear to the Baby Nordstrom, that yesterday morning, on November 1st, Fall hit.

It was amazing.


Not hot.

Glorious and all that jazz.




So, all of that being said, I’m going to try something this month. Normally, this time of year, as we head towards THANKSGIVING (not yet Christmas), people start sharing what they are thankful for on Social Media. I tried to do it a few years ago, and failed horribly.

This morning, my friend Fran (someone I’ve known eleven million years) lead me on a path to a book about meditation. While trying this today, I tried to settle into a thought to shut my loud, bossy brain up. It was hard, but I realized that if I start with a thought, aka, Thankfulness, perhaps, I can transition this into a bloggity blog for the month.

If you know me at all, I’m not really the warm fuzzy type of person. In fact, each day, I have to try VERY VERY HARD not to verbally smack someone. But, I try, and that’s all that matters. Or so I believe.

So, here goes – my month of thanks.

Day 1.

I was very thankful yesterday that it wasn’t hot. So not hot that I actually finally packed up the sundresses and the shorts. Said SAYONARA to strappy dresses and white clothes. I rolled around in a pile of fleece. It was glorious. So, yesterday, Day 1, I was happy it didn’t feel like Dantes innermost ring of hell.


Day 2.

Prescription Pain Pills.

Yep, I said it. Today, I’m thankful for the little helpers that ease the never ending pain that is my ears. I am theoretically thankful that I have ears, but more truthfully, I’m thankful for the pain pills that allow me to not go all Van Gogh on the longest running “bilateral chronic something or other ear infection.”