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November 2014

Wrapping up November

manifestos November 30, 2014

Shockingly, I failed at blogging daily. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, who am I kidding? I’ll never get to be a 5 day a week blogger, unless someone is paying me to do so.

MEANWHILE, I am laying here in bed, strategizing my upcoming week (with two calendars, thank you very much) and I paused to listen to the sound of my big yellow dog snoring.

I’m oh-so-very thankful that he is here, snoring like an obese senior citizen. Actually, that kinda fits him. I’m just thankful that we got over this weeks dog drama and can live to see another week.

I’m thankful for friends, new and old.

I’m thankful for clarity that has been coming to me in the past two weeks. I could pontificate on that topic, but it’s old, boring and let’s face it, not worth a few more typed characters. Bottom line, it’s good to see things for what they REALLY are, as opposed to what I want them to be. Apply that to a number of situations, and you have glorious clarity.

I’m thankful for wine, and the friends I drink said wine with. Oh wait, I ended the sentence with a preposition. Crap. I’m thankful for the ability to call out nightmarish sentence structure, but I lack the desire to correct.

I’m grateful for resilience.

I’m thankful that I’m comfortable enough in my own life to enjoy moments of silence. I appreciate the ability to just be, rather than to fill the minutes with chaos and noise.

I’m thankful for the wisdom that comes with each year.

I’m grateful for the snark that comes with the age.

Finally, and this is the best part, it’s been three years since I was donkey punched with a diagnosis. It was hard to wrap my head around it then, and it’s glorious that today it’s barely a blip on my radar. I had a great appointment with TX Oncology less than 10 days ago. I have some WBC issues, but that’s because of the stupid infection that is plaguing my stupid ears. BTW- I think another stupid infection is brewing in my stupid ears, but I’m THANKFUL that I’ve found an ENT that listens to me. (See how I saved that one?)

I wish I could say that my life is a Pinterest Perfect Christmas Card life. But it’s not. I’m oh-so very flawed and I am thankful for the flaws, and the lessons that I’ve learned getting the flaws along the way.

My reality is mine, and for that, I’m thankful.



A Weeks Worth of Thanks

random me November 15, 2014



This week was what some might consider a “Whip.”

Work was very worky, and life was rather lifey.

To try to maintain my goal of things I’m thankful for, I’m going to bundle a weeks worth right now…

#1. I’m thankful for grapes. Grapes turn into wine and that, as Martha would say, is a good thing.


#2. I’m thankful for Anti-Vert. The never ending ear infection is still tossing my ass into occasional vertigo (yay me), and I’m thankful that I have a med that will navigate me back standing up right.

#3. I’m thankful for Spandex. Yes, spandex. Spandex in jeans, leggings, tights and spanx. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ascertain why I’m thankful for something that will contain all of the extra “Kateness.”


#4. Best friends of eleventy thousand years. I could pontificate, but I’ll just say that I’m proud of us finally getting our stuff together and the fact that we no longer have to split a pack of toilet paper because we are so broke. Yay us.

#5. Dogs of labradorian lineage. They make excellent space heaters when it’s cold outside (and inside a 60 year old house.)


#6. Kolaches. My dear sweet baby Nordstrom, I’m thankful for Kolaches.

#7. Naps. Despite the advancing years, I’m still thankful that a quick nap converts me from being a petulant child, into a semi-reasonable adult.



Life is NOT Like A Johnny Mathis Song

random me November 9, 2014

Why is it that once you’ve been told you can’t do something, you really, really, really want to do it?

Example A: “Kate, you can’t fly. Period, end of story. You can’t fly until at least January, dependent on conditions A, B &C.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.35.33 AM

But I want to fly (no, really I don’t.) I want to go home to Michigan for the holidays and be surrounded in the glow of family. (I’ve clearly lost my damn mind.)

Reality? I really want Tim Hortons. I really don’t want to have my head explode en route to Detroit and gross people out with bleeding ears and bitching me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.36.38 AM

However, since my new ENT doc put the smackdown on any flying between now and well, what feels like EFFING FOREVER (mid January), I’m determined to get on the road, or in the air.

If you know me for at least a year (Tamara, John, Caren, Kim, Amy, et all….) you know that I am rather ambivilant about going home for the shitshow that is a Detroit Holiday. Family time, in extremely small doses is lovely, but more than a day or so, I start to get twitchy. To justify going home to the tundra at the most expensive time of the year, it normally requires a 5 day minimum visit. I should only ever go home for 3 days, 2 nights. This is the issue

Here is what happens (around the holidays).

I arrive! Horray! Oh Joy! Fa la la la la. Land, elbow my way through DTW, mom picks me up from the airport, and I beg for Tim Hortons. I suck down the caffeinated crack and brace myself for driving through snowy streets, and endless errands. Oh isn’t the snow just gorgeous? Look at the snow? Doesn’t Mr. B’s house look cute? Oh look at what Bootsie did with her lights? Oh don’tcha know this is just wonderful to be home…

Go to the Kroger/Liquor Store and stock up.

Bask in the holiday glow while mom does her mom thing. Holiday Glow could be exchanged for the words “wine buzz, liquored up haze.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.31.39 AM

Day 2. Energy escalates as mom decides to make 14 more dozen cookies, because the 22 dozen already made aren’t enough. 10 more trips to Krogers ensues. I start to whine about the fact that no one plows the Kroger parking lot enough and there is salt on my boots. Swing by Johns Good Time in between trip 3/4 for a quick cocktail.

Day 2- Evening. Fa la la la laaaing with a friend. Drink a lot. Come home/face plant on twin sized bed. Wake up three hours later as dad blows his nose outside my bedroom door. It’s so good to be home. Message my cousin Amy “why do we do this to ourselves EVERY YEAR?”

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.33.19 AM

Day 3- Christmas Eve. Oh Katie, let’s play Christmas music all day. Did you wrap your presents? Did you make your bed? Did you do your laundry ?What are you adding to your coffee? Isn’t it too early to drink? Oh Katie, did you really finish that bottle of Bailys already? Let’s make another list. Dad hands me all of his presents and asks me to wrap them. EVERY YEAR DAD. Every year. I love doing it, but it makes me laugh. Since I was old enough to stick tape on Walgreens wrapping paper, I’ve been wrapping for Daddyo.

Christmas Eve night- con dad into going for a drive to look at the lights. Possible stop at another local watering hole. Depends on the temperature at home. Text message my favorite uncle and say “why did I do this again?” Stop by Jerrys liquor one more time to ensure that we have enough for Christmas day…

Day 4- Christmas. Presents. Breakfast Booze. Cheesy Potatoes. More family. More booze. I disappoint someone at some point for life choices I made 14 years ago when I was 23. Drink some more. Find some tylenol, head over to another family members house and drink again. This time, get emboldened enough to go outside and smoke a rogue cig.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.32.57 AM

Ya, I think I will be ok staying home this year. Documenting the daily travails makes me realize that exploding my head isn’t worth it, and for one year only, I’ll be missing the fun. Shhh- don’t tell anyone, but I’m really ok with it.




the letter f

manifestos November 6, 2014

today I’m thankful for things that start with the letter “F”


1.) friends. all of them. awesome. i’m lucky.

2.) food. fuels me.

3.) five hour energy. a-freaking-mazing


tired. more tomorrow.


good night.


It will come as a shock to few that I have opinions…

random me November 5, 2014

Today is a roundabout day of “thanks.”


I am thankful that I live in a society that allows me to freely share my opinions. Now, I piss people off regularly with said opinions, but they are my own. My opinions reflect not that of my employer, the associations in which I graciously donate my time, nor do they reflect my friends and family.

I feel that in todays society, we have become somewhat handcuffed to political correctness. We fear offending anyone, therefore we soften the edges of who we are (and what we want to say) in order to appease the largest common denominator. We cultivate our opinions so that we do not offend, and worse, fail to share our opinions at all.

I believe that this needs to stop.

I think we need to be able to agree to disagree.

I think we need differences of opinion.

We need to be able to look across a table and say “I’m sorry, but I believe you to be wrong.”

We need to be able to have a lively debate. Educated and energetic, to look at multiple sides to an issue.

I feel that we need to be able to say ” I disagree” more often, without fearing repercussions. I think that it is absolutely ok to have a differing opinion and I encourage people to share it.

I will not shame you for your different way of thinking.

I will welcome you in my home if you believe leopard print is hideous. I believe that it is magical, but I’m not going to try to squash your way of thinking.

I am thankful for opinions, especially opinions that differ from mine. How boring a world would we live in when all would think the same way and believe the same things? I see that world as a place filled with little minions.

To that, I say “eew.”

Have a good Wednesday. I’ve got a jillion things to do today and hope to be successful at about 3/4 of the items that I need to get completed.




random me November 4, 2014

Tomorrow i will post some nonsense about the american electoral process and our ability to vote, and blah blah, democracy, but today, I would like to talk about a topic that’s slightly higher in importance to me right now.



I’m thankful (grato, if you speak Italian) for delicious snacks that make me less evil throughout the course of the day.

Perhaps our political system would be less twisted if they ate more snacks.

Perhaps nearly elected officials would gain more supporters if they ate a snickers, hauled the stick out their butt and smiled for real.

Back to topic at hand, thankful for snacks. I believe the world would be a sweeter place if you took a beat, shoved some food in your mouth for a moment and thought before you talked (or emailed, or texted, or facebook messaged.) Whereas, I might not have all the answers, might I suggest trying one of these options to reduce bitchiness?


  • Goldfish Crackers (perfectly sized, salty and non messy)
  • Apples (sliced, not pealed)
  • String Cheese (random trivia- i never tried string cheese until i was in my 20’s. My life changed)
  • Bit ‘o chocolate (duh, the darker the better.)
  • freshly carved lunch meat with thinly sliced cheese (currently on a roast beef/swiss cheese kick)
  • Big ole kosher dill


Perhaps this is why my ass is large. Perhaps, I eat like a toddler, but I am rarely an asshole, nor a deviant politician. I snack, therefore, I am less awful.

When I don’t snack, I am bitchy, grouchy and diva like. Within seconds of snacking, I’m nicer to be around.

It was recently suggested that I have Aretha moments when I don’t eat …

At the end of the day, we could all use a momentary time out. We go, go, go and don’t take care of our basic needs. If we are hungry, we act out. We behave less than. My suggestion that might solve for world peace? EAT A FREAKING SNACK.The_fonz_thumbs_up