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manifestos August 20, 2014

This morning, I carved out time to do something for me. I did a simple 3 mile walk- mostly to shake the cobwebs out of my head, but also to MOVE a bit. Lately, my days have been feeling fuller than normal, mostly due to my own scheduling idiocracy.


i'm so busy


As I was walking, I was thinking. Sometimes, I don’t listen to music because I want to be able to just fall into my thoughts and plan out the day. (Or sometimes I can’t wear ear buds due to my stupid ear infection…I digress.) I started thinking about the word “Busy.”

We all are given the exact same 24 hours in a day. How we choose to fill them is up to us. I know that I try to shove a bunch of “stuff” in each day, but that’s my choice.

My point? I’m so tired of the word “busy.”

Busy: adjective

: actively doing something

: full of activity or work

: full of people or things

No shit, we are all busy.

We all have jobs, families, responsibilities out the wazoo.

It’s called life. We have to live it. We have to do what we need to do to get through the day, pay the bills, and wake up each morning.

I’ve noticed that people tend to get in a “busy” pissing match. You mention that you have some commitment keeping you tied up; the other person tells you how they have two commitments that are exhausting them; you feel the need to show them that hey, you’re exhausted, too, because you’re actually doing even one more thing you forgot to mention before; and so on. Dear God, stop the insanity.

The more I think about it, I think that there is a solution at hand:

  • Say no once in a while. No is a hard, dirty word, but it comes in handy once in a while.
  • Pick your busy.
  • Don’t get caught up in the “I must do everything humanly possible within the course of one day”.
  • If you do choose to shove every waking minute filled with activity, and those around you with stuff, don’t play the martyr.


Just do what makes you happy, and quit playing the competitive game. Perhaps this is less about busy and more about a desire just be content with your own stuff, rather than trying to compare yourselves to others. Embrace what you have, and make the best of it.

My second grade teacher, Miss Maslij, used to say this to us over and over “what you have is best for you.”

Perhaps, the busy is best for us, and we just need to mind our own business? Either way, I’ll probably kick you in the balls today if I hear one more person sigh and say “I’m so busy.”






The Plague

random me August 19, 2014

has been upon this house.

No, really.

Since I last posted the following has happened, either to the house, or to me:

1.) An armadillo created a rather luxurious home along the side of my house.

2.) Locust eating wasps decided to make my front yard their home. Seriously, these BASTARDS  made their way to my yard.

3.) A week later, I’m barely over this one: I woke up to find a toad in my toilet. Yes, it came UP through the pipes.

Pictorial evidence here:




But wait, there is more: Last Thursday, I was feeling ick. Really ick. Turns out I had been walking around with a raging Upper Respiratory infection and double ear infection. YAY ME. I then was put on some very very strong antibiotics and slept the better part of 4 days only to come up for air, food, dog duty and the occasional Facebook Stalking.

Tomorrow, is a new day.

Thursday, I go to the ancestral manse, or rather, the house on James Street. Shenanigans surely to ensure. Or rather, and more likely, I will be calling a select group of humans to a.) rescue me b.) drink with me c.) take me to the bar and just leave me there. OR, it could be a magical time. Let’s hope for magical. Otherwise, I have a friend within walking distance of my ‘rents house, and I might just find myself showing up on his front yard.

Which leads me to tomorrow:

1.) Pretend I’m on a reality show and pack for 5 days in a simple Vera Bradley duffel, because I’m a dumbass and didn’t replace the suitcase that I threw away in April. I will pretend I am a dude and only bring the bare essentials. Snort. Or, I could take up one of the two offers from my girlfriends and borrow one of theirs. OR, I could use one of my 9 other suitcases.

2.) Must buy dog food. And American Cheese. (Also for the dogs, not me,  to hide their meds)

3.) Oh, you know, get caught up on work.

4.) Walk

5.) Birthday lunch with a darling girlfriend.

6.) Wade my way through my call sheet.

Finally, I’m going to pray that when I go outside tomorrow there aren’t any new locusts, frogs, plagues, or other creepy things.

Tomorrow is a new, plague free kinda day.


Love ya more than my luggage. Really, I mean it.









The Alphabet- Or This Blog is brought to you by the letter A

random me August 4, 2014

While I was on the treadmill this morning, I started thinking about blog topics for the week. I probably should have been paying more attention to my own ass on the treadmill. Side note, in an effort to “up” my pace, I took my speed to 4.5mph… Within 2 seconds, I took a weird step, and literally went backwards off the treadmill. Yes, I did the idiot move and slid off the treadmill. To find a little humor in the situation, I totally Mary Katherine Gallagher’ed in up… I will give the sweet guy next to me some credit for not busting a total side laughing at me. Instead, he side eyed me and said “you ok?”





Which brings me to this blog topic today- the Alphabet Blog. Every now and then, I’m going to work through the alphabet and throw a “theme” out there. Today is brought to you by the letter A. You know A for Awesome.

Over the years, my “awesomeness” has taken on a Barney Stinson “legendary” like quality. And by awesome, I mean, incredibly clutzy, uncoordinated, awkward awesomeness.

My path to awesomeness probably started when I was 3 years old, wearing brand new saddle shoes, and I broke my arm walking on the floor. Yep, didn’t trip, didn’t run. Just walked, fell and broke an arm.

I’ve hurt myself so many times over the year out of sheer idiocracy, that I barely notice any longer. Did I ever tell y’all about the time that I cracked my head open on a tampon machine? Yep, in high school, while on a debate (or forensics) weekend, I was in the ladies bathroom, hiking up my tights, and i blasted my head on the nasty tampon machine. I don’t remember if stitches were necessary, but the sheer mortification of the incident lives on and on. And on.

During my younger years in Austin, a night wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t bust my ass at least one time per night. Sometimes, the damn cracks on the street would attack me. Other times, I would fall off bar stools. One of my favorite moments of that era was trying to walk up somewhat tall stairs and falling down a flight. Sober. Totally sober.

Let us not forget the memorable fall my freshman year of college. I was running up (or down) three flights of stairs in my dorm. Wearing, and I’ll never forget this, a plaid mini skirt, tights and a pair of Doc Martin shoes. Sexy picture isn’t is? I fell down at least two flights, and was found by campus security. With my skirt up around my waist. ALSO totally sober.

Bottom line, I’ve never been the most graceful of humans, instead, find myself happily clumsy and more awesome each year.

My goal for this week- to keep the awesome at a controllable level and mitigate any trips to the ER.





F it All

random me August 3, 2014
f is for football

f is for football

Don’t be so judgy judgey. F it All is for FOOTBALL. Not the mother of all swear words. Get a grip. If I was going to drop a big ole F Bomb, I would do it with a little more style.

Truthfully, I found a little bit of happy this evening by reactivating my Fantasy Football League. Oh, the happy that I felt when I pushed the “reactivate league” button.  Have a few new players this year and I am also happy to be playing with some of my oldest friends. It’s all good.

Not going to lie, I’ve been using a lot of other F words lately. Things have been difficult over here. Things going on. Not yet blog-worthy, but pain in my ass nonetheless.  Well, a few things can be shared…

About week  or so, ago, I had one of those scary headaches. You know, the one that made me go to the ER to verify that it wasn’t another TIA. I didn’t really talk about it, because I didn’t want to seem like a freak show. Happily, it wasn’t one, but it was stressful. Turns out, a medication that I’m on has become less effective and they increased another med to compensate, and THAT med made me want to blow my brains out. Not quite, but close. In reality, it’s been a tough few weeks. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with doctors and nurses.

I’m working on a project that really makes me want to reevaluate every life decision I’ve ever made, including and not limited to, not spending more time studying the fine art of chemistry and/or microbiology in college. Clarification, I probably should have registered for microbiology, but you get my point! My industry is tough. It’s fickle, it’s ever changing, and I’ve been killing myself on a project. Got some news on the project today that really caused me to want to pack up my dogs, a few pair of cute shoes and a bag of clothes and head north. Really, really far north. Yukon north. Or maybe just Oscoda. Is it too late to become a hair stylist? Perhaps I should scootch on over and become a dental assistant. Or maybe get my ass back in the kitchen. Who am I kidding? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

Side-note, I do love having Hall of Fame Football on my tv. PS, I think Michael Strahan is kinda cute with that gap between his teeth. Or maybe I’m just enamored with the fact that there is Football on my screen. Give me a big ole dose of Terry Bradshaw and this mood of grouch would go away.

Back to Football. Football is a happy time for me- i get to spend time with more of my friends. It gives an ongoing conversation about things other than work and local drama. It just makes me at peace.

I’m going to save my annual “The Detroit Lions are going to win it all this year” speech for another day. I can’t give it all up right away? That never ends well now does it?

In case you were wondering? Yes, they will go all the way. SUPERBOWL BABY. Screw the Pack. Down with Denver. Who gives a shit about “who dat?”  Da Bears? More like da teddy bears. Dallas? Snort. Just a traffic pain in the ass for me. The Giants? Sh-eli will do what she does. The Eagles? Ok, I can’t talk shit about the Eagles. I’m afraid my friend D will restrict access to his house & kids if I talk smack about his mighty Eagles.


Ok, I’ve said enough, but really, I have oh-so much more to say. Seriously. SO MUCH MORE.