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February 2014

i broke my blog

manifestos February 27, 2014

Yes, I the digital “guru” screwed up my blog. My logo has disappeared. I was supposed to update something and I didn’t. Sigh. I tried changing my template, and I messed that up. I need to spend about three hours this weekend overhauling my baby, otherwise, it will never happen.

I do have a new logo to play with: craptastical-logo (2)

I’ve been laying very low this week- have had a bitch of an upper respitory infection and something called pleurisy. Basically, taking a deep breath has been hard, oh so very hard. My lungs hurt. Today, they hurt a little less.  When you work for yourself, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. If you don’t get paid, you can’t pay your bills. If you don’t pay your bills, you don’t have electricity and then you can’t work even if you feel good. It’s a bitch of a cycle.

In other news, I’m obsessed with this song:



au revoir

manifestos February 23, 2014

in less than 13 days i’m going to be saying goodbye to an old friend.

a habit.

a foible.

a crutch.

when i realize that the fat kid is doing the dance on my chest again, i’ve decided to ease off.

to make my life a little simpler.

when i start googling heart attack symptoms because of back/chest pain from coughing too much, it’s time to say adios.

it’s going to be a bitch.

i might be a bitch, but it’s time.

well past time.

i realized it was time when i was in vegas, and i wanted to die because i smoked so much with an old friend. we drank, we smoked, we talked the night away. i woke up the next morning and felt like i had swallowed an ashtray. On our way to the airport, he lit up and I wanted to drink a bottle of Scope.
Times, they were/are a changing.

My allergies have been miserable lately. Terrible, no good, bad. I realize I’m inflaming them by partaking.

Jesus Mary and Joseph, this is going to be a change.



Chicken Manicotti In My Mouth

things that will make you less fat February 18, 2014

On of my favorite food genres is Italian. I love fresh veggies, pasta and well, more pasta. A few years ago, I found a recipe for an insanely easy chicken manicotti recipe that was almost healthy. Over the years, I’ve tweaked it a bit. I swear, it’s almost healthy.

This makes a BUNCH- I typically break it up in three pans- keep one, eat one, and give one away:


Chicken Manicotti (Practically Healthy)

1.5 boxes of Manicotti shells

1 c shredded zuchinni

1 c shredded carrots

1/2 c diced onions

2 cloves garlic (minced)

4-5 oz portabella mushrooms diced

6-7 raw chicken tenderloins. I’ve used chicken breasts in the past, but found that a tenderloin is more size appropriate and cooks more evenly.

4 oz cream cheese. You can use light if you want

1 c skim ricotta

1 tsp dried basil

1 tsp dried oregano

wee bit of olive oil for the pan

Tomato Sauce. You will need about 3 cups when all said and done. Use your own, use jar- i don’t care.

Few handfuls of mozzarella and grated parm.



Ok- let’s get cooking:


Sautee onions and garlic 2-3 minutes in a large pan with a small swirl of olive oil. I read somewhere that spraying a pan with PAM works, but I think olive oil tastes better

Add cut up raw chicken to pan and cook until all of the pink is gone. DO NOT BURN CHICKEN. Been there, done that. AKA, pay attention, otherwise, this will screw up your day.

Once the chicken is 99% cooked, add in veggies. Cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Add herbs and a dash of black pepper.

Chop up 4 oz of cream cheese and mix into the pan. Stir, stir, stir until the cheese is melted.

Take off heat, toss in a bowl, and add ricotta.

Toss in fridge for 20 minutes (ish)


Start your water boiling for manicotti.

IGNORE the 7 minutes- seriously. Once you get the water boiling, cook them 5 minutes, drain immediately and let them dry on a cookie sheet (NOT TOUCHING)

Once the manicotti has cooled, pull your mixture out of fridge.

Take about a 1/2 c of sauce and cover the bottom of your pan.

USE A BABY SPOON and gently fill the pasta. Don’t overstuff, otherwise, you will break the pasta, and that will suck.

Place the filled manicotti on top of the sauce. Repeat. Don’t leave too much space in between the pastas.

Cover the row with another smoosh of sauce. You don’t want it drenched, but you want it mostly covered.

Sprinkle some mozz on top of the sauce and lightly dust with grated parm. Don’t be a cheapo and used the powdered stuff. It will suck.


Now… you can either cook this at 350 for about 40 minutes, OR freeze.





And busy doesn’t begin to describe it.

manifestos February 16, 2014

Since my new journey began in September, I knew that there was going to be a point where the scales tipped and I would suddenly get busier that I expected. That tipping point was this past week. Proposals that had been months in the making suddenly were coming alive. Projects were insanely hectic. Clients were actively engaged. It was a week. This was by far, the busiest week in terms of billables, so for that, I’m thrilled. The only downside is that I was just damn tired by the time Saturday morning rolled around.

I was talking to a friend late Friday night, or maybe it was last night, not sure, but the gist of the conversation was that I was just simply out of words. Out of words to say, to type, to converse. Typically, I’m a rather social person, but this weekend I just craved solitude. Still do. If I have my way, I’m going to be on my own until I walk into a clients office tomorrow morning at 10am. Oh yes, a client that I used to have three years ago, who called me back for a refresher project. I’m happy about that, but cautiously aware of my own energy levels. I know that the next week is going to be busier than the last, and the trend will continue for at least the next 6 weeks.

Recently, I’ve started to notice that I’ve become very selfish of my own, non billable time. I used to shove each day with everything I could possibly do, but recently I’ve been scaling back at my attempts at becoming Wonder Woman. I find no joy in being so busy that I need to refer to my schedule to see when I can pee. Instead, I’ve been more selective of what I do. When I work. When I play. When I volunteer. When I binge watch 6 episodes of House of Cards, and now, at the moment, The Avengers for the eleventeenth time.

I used to want to be everything to everyone.

Now I just want to be a calmer, kinder version of me that enjoys all the moments. Life is entirely too short and fragile to do otherwise. I realize that over the years, my aspirations have changed, my goals redefined, my priorities adjusted. Probably getting smacked with the C word twice does that to you, but I also believe that as I get a little older, I’m somewhat smarter in my allocation of the same 24 hours that we are each provided.

This weekend was glorious- I putzed in the dirt. I played in the kitchen. I laundered the dog beds. I watched way too much tv, and more importantly, I recharged my batteries.

I’ll be back to being me tomorrow. For the rest of the day today, I’m just going to be.

And that’s ok.

Not My Finest Moment

manifestos February 8, 2014

I apologize in advance for this post.
While sitting in my living room, I hear what sounds like a rave being attended by 11,000 squirrels on my roof.

I then wished that I had some time of artillery to shoot warning shots through my ceiling, to scare the bejeebus out of said squirrels having a mosh pit on my roof.

disco squirrel
Then I realized that they might not be on the roof, instead, they might be up in the crawl space.
With all of the genius that I could muster, I started walking the length of the house taking a broom and hitting my ceilings to “scare” said squirrels away.

In the process, I hit a soft spot of a ceiling and well, made a bit of a mess.
I then had a moment of panic thinking that if a squirrel was in the crawl space, they could, essentially come through the mess that I just made.
So, I started yelling “GET OUT OF HERE” – You know, to the squirrels that may or may not be in my crawl space.
Meanwhile, I look at G&W- both passed out cold. I should have probably taken that as a hint that the squirrels weren’t in closer range.

I need to go sweep up the mess that I made of an already tragic ceiling issue.

I need to go open a bottle of wine.



As you were.