May Day, not Mayday

Happy May Day! Truthfully, over the past month, I’ve muttered the phrase “mayday” more than once, but the purpose of this post is to discuss the merry (Mary?) month of May. I remember this from when I was a child: Rise up, the children of […] Read More

Creature of Habit + Distraction

= Disaster. Period, end of story. Every morning, I wake up and do the same thing. Every Tuesday (trash day), I water the inside plants, sweep up, and take the trash out. Daily, upon rude awakening by his royal asshole George, I get up, let […] Read More


Well. So much for intentional, ongoing posting. It’s been a bit. Last time I posted on this here blog (incredibly awful grammar intended), it was February 9, 2018. I had hit the damn wall. Based on the context of the last blog post, I’m assuming I […] Read More

que sera sera

Leave it to Sly

For me often, it starts with a song. Tonight, while cleaning up a kitchen that has fed many, I was quietly standing there, wiping down the counter when this song came on: Immediately, as if time travel actually existed, I was transported back to my […] Read More

what’s the story, morning glory?

Oh, you know, it’s just practically perfect over here this morning on Lavender Lane. The air is crisp, Stan Getz is playing over the Echo, and I’m drinking what appears to be somewhat of a healthy smoothie concoction. The four-legged creatures that drive me insane […] Read More

Holy Hell, It’s Fall

This whole year of 40 has been a whirlwind. No, seriously. One minute, it’s Memorial Day weekend, and next thing I know, I’m hauling out boxes of Halloween decor. Where did this year go? I’ve had a good year. Travelled, adventured, lived and hell even […] Read More