May Day, not Mayday

Happy May Day! Truthfully, over the past month, I’ve muttered the phrase “mayday” more than once, but the purpose of this post is to discuss the merry (Mary?) month of May. I remember this from when I was a child: Rise up, the children of […] Read More

Creature of Habit + Distraction

= Disaster. Period, end of story. Every morning, I wake up and do the same thing. Every Tuesday (trash day), I water the inside plants, sweep up, and take the trash out. Daily, upon rude awakening by his royal asshole George, I get up, let […] Read More

That Single Person You Know

You know your single friend? I know you all have a token single friend. You know that one that you think should have all the extra time in the world since you know, they are single? See, here’s the thing that a lot of people […] Read More

You Made It Political

Good morning. At the tone, the time will be 6:13 am Central time and I’m fired up. I was chastised in the past 24 hours for “making it political.” Really though, I wasn’t being chastised because I made it political (something that I do with […] Read More


Well. So much for intentional, ongoing posting. It’s been a bit. Last time I posted on this here blog (incredibly awful grammar intended), it was February 9, 2018. I had hit the damn wall. Based on the context of the last blog post, I’m assuming I […] Read More